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A L L   W H I T E


I used to hold on to every dollar
Scared I didn't believe the Father
Would provide for my needs me and my daughter
At the time I would bleed if I didn't hustle harder
Than the average and my average in different classes where looking oh so drastic
While twisting plastic from a baggy to get things happening but different happenings almost lead me to my casket
I remember nights I didn't remember nights
I almost went crazy had to get it right
my insight was leading me to the end of life
but the Friend of life stepped in but I put up a fight!
The battle scars of dreaming of plush cars
but life as a rap star means nothing without God
and thinking I had it hard when really there's a little boy
Who's living off of canned sardines but dreams far
of playing a point guard or spitting some dope bars
but mama 'aint got a job daddy won't do his part
no food is on his plate his mind tells him to take
When all he needed to know was he's great
That's why I'm saying what I have you got it
What I have you got it
What I'm getting you got it
What I'm getting you got it
What I got you got it, Simba.

I got a lot and I'm 'a give it all away! not to a stripper though
to a kid who lost hope a son who's mama's broke the daughters with no fathers they feeling like they alone
The babies that got babies the young'ns with no mamas the sons that got it done no fathers or role models
The kid that's on the corner he slinging that marijuana 'bout to graduate to crack 'cause the schools didn't really want him
His daddy disowned his mama couldn't control him he got the neighbors scared he's a no limit soldier
If it popped off he rolling got guns on him he holding
Got dreams of pushing boulders wake the block up like Folgers when it comes to his dividends
Life headed to an end 'cause everybody who's anybody in the hood got the same plan
Racing to the finish line fast cars fast ladies
Fast forward about two years and 'lil 'homie killed in a home invasion I'm tired of wasting my time embracing this way of life called human nature
Wasted lives with no education and no intention of change embracing
That's 'bout to change up I'm getting famous by giving all my fame up to save a kid from danger by giving opportunities so no more living foolishly
Transform mentalities to decrease fatalities like what!