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EAGLEZ (produced by Zaytoven)

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Last time I tried to get by on my own lead to frustration
Jesus I don't want to live life all alone I trust Your graces
Marathons Lord help me pace it
upgrade me I don't want basic
Help me to be a better man I'll take Your Hand and go to places
I've never been it's heaven-sent
All the good You've given me don't make sense
I 'don tripped up I 'don slipped up once again
No more sin no more shame
I 'aint saying I don't make mistakes
All I'm saying is I 'aint staying there
learn from 'em and make a change
I don't change Your Love for me He bless me despite my ways
Child lock my destiny don't let me leave in Jesus Name (don't let me go!)
He broke the chains of defeat I'm winning this victory's sweet take it from me
But when I'm feeling down bad sad Jesus help me I'm sinking low!

Change will test you make you better
smooth seas don't make good sailors
Jesus help us Jesus tell us what's Your plan don't let it fail us
Camouflage to hide my pain but the pain is really treasure
cashed it in exchange for better stronger heart and sharper methods here's the question
Who do you run to when cloudy weather seems to dampen your endeavors do you fold or do you level up your faith
The devil loves to call you fake when it 'aint safe
when the problems in your face don't match the promise of your faith
I've seen enough to say and still I see more everyday when those problems seem great we're actually in our proper place we 'gotta shake all the dirt up off our shoulders concentrate on the promises He made look your troubles in the face smile wide
showing every pearly white the LORD has placed inside your grill homie chill the problems won't erase your fate it's just food on your plate so take a bite if you're still feeling me and hold on to your faith in the presence of your enemies I'm down 4 u!

New album coming 9/1